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VoIP Phone Systems


VoIP Phone Systems

Mtel-One Sells, Installs, and Services the VoIP Phone Systems For Your Business!

What is VoIP?

VoIP phones use voice over IP network technology, like the Internet, to transmit data without having to use an analog phone system.  VoIP lets you combine voice, data, and video into a single, easy-to-manage service.  VoIP phones can call analog phones, computers, and comes with other advantages, such as free long-distance.  Contact us today to find out more specifics about VoIP phone systems for both residential and commercial use.  Several VoIP solutions we offer are listed below:

  • Service: Servicing your AVAYA phone system is what we do! From Sprit, Legend, Magix, Partner, Definity, and IP Office, we have the experience to meet all your needs. Call today for a free quote!

  • Equipment Diagnostics: Mtel-One can provide a complete diagnostic of the existing equipment. Mtel-One will determine the overall operation of the system and make suggestions and recommendations based on findings. Items such as software version, system backup, alarms, port errors and voice mail system can be checked.

  • Training: Mtel-One can have complete training based on your specifications from admin training to minor programming, and advanced programming. Training can be scheduled for as many employees as needed.

  • Telephone Support: Mtel-One can provide telephone support 7 days a week 24 hours a day. On call technicians are required to return calls within 2 hours of notification. In most cases, a return call takes place within 20 minutes for after hour calls.

  • Remote Programming: Mtel-One can dial into your system to determine the problem or complete programming as needed. It is recommended that remote entry is the first step in determining the source of a problem. 80% of all service related problems are corrected remotely.

  • Maintenance Programs: A complete custom maintenance plan can be created to accommodate your needs. Any one of the above services can be implemented at a discounted rate. Maintenance plans vary based on individual needs. Our customers typically save 30 to 40% on maintenance when compared to our competitors.


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