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Video Conferencing Helps Any Size Business!

Video conferencing and collaboration tools have often been thought of as only available and afforable for large corporations.  Now, companies like Avaya have created video conferencing solutions that can be customized to any size business!  Video communication technology will enhance the efficiency of your business.

Video collaboration technology allows individuals to visually communicate with anyone, either inside or outside the organization!  Video conferencing saves time, money, and resources that have traditionally been used for traveling or business meetings. These technologies use desktop video on PC or Mac, have mobile video for devices on the go, and use room-based video conferencing for groups.

Mtel-One has partnered with Avaya to bring these video conferencing solutions directly to small, medium, and large businesses.  Avaya technology is now affordable, efficient, and reliable.  Mtel-One will service, install, and maintain your Avaya video conferencing and video collaboration technologies. Mtel-One always brings you the latest technology in communication solutions from the best companies on the market!  These solutions are now affordable for businesses of any size, so contact Mtel-One today for a free estimate!