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communications services

Mtel-One is your one-stop-shop for communications solutions, equipment, expertise, and technicians.

With over 20 years experience, Mtel-One is trusted for all communications needs.

Telcom Services

Mtel-One's Telecommunications Services include: CLEL & ILEC Services, AT&T Metro-E Preparation, VoIP/PBX Phone Systems Sales and Servicing, Networking, & Phone System Maintenance.  Mtel-One is here to provide solutions for you!

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VoIP/Phone Systems

VoIP phone systems will take your business to the next level.  Ease of communication, data sharing, and video conferencing can be implemented into these systems. We install systems in any size business! Phone systems can be installed in residential locations too!

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Structured Wiring

Structured wiring is the heart of every telecommunications system.  Correctly planning the wiring for your system can be complicated, so let the professionals at Mtel-One choose the most efficient plan and materials for your communications systems.

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Video surveillance cameras and systems can be installed into your home or business. Guard against internal and external theft while having the ease of off-site monitoring via the internet. We also offer access control systems!

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Audio Video

Audio Video systems are constantly providing home owners and businesses with the technology that they desire.  Entertainment systems, video conferencing, and conference sound systems are just some of the solutions we offer.

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Optical Fiber

Our Optical Fiber Services can be implemented during any step of your project.  Mtel-One installs, splices, tests, designs, and trouble-shoots fiber optic cable installations.  We also offer Emergency Splicing services!

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